Saturday, May 3, 2014

Introducing Eamon

Meet Eamon! I had the absolute pleasure of photographing this little guy just two weeks after he arrived in the world. It was a special thing to photograph this session for me because his mom, Anne, is my horse back riding coach, and even though we haven't been training together for very long I could tell that his arrival was most anticipated...It might have been the ear to ear grin she had every time she talked about him. 
  When it came to the day that we were actually doing the shoot this little man was a trooper, barely made a peep the whole time, and even woke up long enough to give me a great big yawn, and a very skeptical baby glance before going back to sleep. All in all it was a great session with the sweetest little guy. Congrats Anne & Sean, and welcome to the world Eamon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Portraits Portraits Portraits..and Blogging...

   So I took a hiatus from blogging last year, and focused more on Facebook to get the word out about the biz, but I've decided to get back to blogging a bit, but having converted my other blog site into a new Portrait site, One Candle Power is now back in action as Swoon's main blog!
 So yeah the big news for this Spring/Summer is that I'm expanding into doing more Portraits. This includes Maternity(coming soon), Newborns, Toddlers/kids and families as well as pets(coming soon) and one of my personal passions Equine Photography.  My portraits have their own separate site now, but you can still get to it by simply going to and then clicking on the Portraits link. So please take a gander at both my Wedding and Portrait sites they both have a new look, and some new work, and I'm excited to embark  on a new busy season. Cheers!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Julia + Robb

  Julia and I have known each other for more than half our lives, we met at my parents horse farm when we were just eleven.  We shared so many great times aboard our rowdy ponies, playing cowboys and indians falling off into giant snow drifts, which hurt a lot more when we moved onto our taller horse counter parts.
  Anyway like most childhood friends, we drifted apart, onto do different things with our lives. Many years went by and then this magical thing called Facebook came into being. Jules and I reconnected only to find out we had both ended up going to school for Photography, and then after a time assisting in the big city went onto start wedding businesses. It was also during this time that I got to hear about the life that she and Rob were building together, so when they got engaged and asked if I would be there to capture their day I was truly honored.(and excited!)
  Sooo...Let's talk about Robb. First off I don't know Robb as well as I hope to in the future, but what I do know is that he makes Julia incredibly happy, that it was impossible to wipe the smile off her face for even an instant on the day of their wedding, and that his smile never faded once either.
 These two were honestly the happiest people on earth on their day. Congrats Robb & Julia!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peggy & Paul : Married

 So Peggy and Paul made each other laugh... a lot. Rarely have we seen a couple so incredibly happy and in love that they made each other laugh, they made us laugh, they made ALL of their guests laugh, their happiness was like electricity, just sparks flying everywhere. Needless to say photographing them was easy.
  This couple was so amazing to work with, and we are so happy to have been apart of their love and laughter filled day! Congrats Peggy & Paul!